Toyota Tundra's rep as a powerful workhorse is undeniable: it tows and hauls a bunch, handles confidently and generally smokes competition in the full-size pickup category. Now, to its credit, Tundra offers a suite of trend-forward technology features that have our entire Lithia Toyota of Redding team really excited.

Brand New All-Digital Cluster

Tundra joins the ranks of Toyota fleet members boasting fully digitized instrument clusters. Customize Tundra's cluster as you see fit to highlight key stats like fuel economy, distance to empty, odometer and speed. Plus, the cluster is 4.2 inches and situated comfortably just above steering wheel level.

Destination Assist

You know your way into and around Redding, its shopping, dining and nightlife. What do you do for weekend excursions to wherever? Tundra's Destination Assist has all the answers for you. This nifty feature finds places to go and things to do for you, serving as a virtual guide book to attractions, activities and culture.

A test drive is the best way to fully experience everything that Toyota Tundra has to offer. Stop by our dealership today. See you soon.


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