Crossover SUVs appeal to drivers who have many intentions for the vehicle. The Toyota RAV4 certainly appears to be ready for all kinds of trips. The outstanding model shows what Toyota's designers can do when inspired to create a popular crossover. Of the many features, the ones associated with performance deserve accolades.

The engine and transmission combination powers the performance. The Direct Shift 8-speed automatic transmission raises eyebrows since its electronically controlled. That is an intriguing feature. The Dynamic Force 2.5L engine generates 203 horsepower, an impressive number that comes to life when the vehicle travels down the road.

Incredibly, there are three different "drive modes" to select. Sport mode lets you speed up the RAV4 when needed, while Normal mode brings things back to standard driving. Do you want to save on fuel? Switch to ECO mode. Appreciate the performance of all three.

True appreciation comes from driving the Toyota RAV4. The team at our dealership knows you'll enjoy a test drive experience.


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