Conquering your off-road adventures is easy when you own the Toyota 4Runner. The mid-size SUV is one of the most popular vehicles in our inventory at Lithia Toyota of Redding and with good reason. It has a host of features that make the 4Runner fun, as well as easy, to drive, no matter what the road conditions.

When you are looking to go off-road for an adventure, the 4Runner gives you the grip you need through four-wheel-drive and traction control that also features limited-slip differential with a locking feature. The Kinetic Dynamic Dimension System and Crawl Control System also help keep you safe.

Multri-terrain selection allows you to personalize your drive every time you are out on the road. Select from four different modes that will give you different driving responses. In addition, you'll get locking rear differential that even distributes power over the rear wheels for superb off-road control.



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