At Lithia Toyota of Redding, we like to share car details that excite us. Today, the Toyota 86 excites us. A popular sports car, the 86 features a driver-focused interior. Let's highlight it now.

When you drive a new Toyota 86, you will easily operate Toyota's Display Audio System. Held within a touchscreen mounted just above the sports car's gearshift, this system offers GPS navigation. Through its interface, you can also access 100,000 radio stations through Aha Radio. That broad selection lets you choose a different station every time you drive your 86. For further audio diversity, you can connect your Toyota 86 to your iPod.

You can fully control your 86 audio experience through its ergonomic control dials, which Toyota provides on the sports car's steering wheel. A racing-inspired unit, this steering wheel is smaller than those you will find in other cars. Its minimalist design offers you maximum control.



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