Vehicle Leaks Need to Be Examined Carefully

A vehicle leak is an unwelcome sight. When a car owner first notices a leak, it can cause him or her to start worrying. Yet, most leaks are fixable if they are taken care of quickly. Find out which are the most common types of leaks in today's vehicles.

In general, there are six types of fluid that may leak from a car. One of the most common leaks is motor oil. Next, a leak may consist of transmission fluid, gear oil or power steering fluid. In some cases, coolant may be leaking from its apparatus. Some cars may also leak water from certain hoses. It's important to know what type of leak you are dealing with.

You can identify a leak by examining its color. Darker colors may indicate that motor oil is leaking. Bright, transparent colors generally point to transmission or power steering fluid. Find out what fluids your vehicle uses, and try to match them to the coloring of the leak. This will help you fix the source.

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