The Incredibly Fuel-Efficient Toyota Lineup

Toyota has long been known for making affordable, practical cars. One of the most common ways this is measured is by their fuel efficiency. In fact, many analysts point to Toyota's history of fuel-efficient cars as one way this brand gained ground in America. During the fuel crisis of the 1970s, Toyota was able to offer something that most American-designed cars couldn't. This trend has continued all the way into the present, with the popularity of Toyota hybrids like the Prius.

Some habits can help you be even more efficient. For example, defensive driving helps save gas. The stop-and-go pattern of aggressive drivers costs them at the pump. Simple maintenance like ensuring tire pressure is correct can also help drivers save money. Even just keeping the car clutter-free reduces burdens on your Toyota. For help with maintaining your car in good condition, stop by Lithia Toyota of Redding as needed. Our qualified techs will help you stay fuel efficient.



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