Check Out the Toyota Avalon and its Performance Highlights

Full-sized sedans must do more than stand out due to their dimensions. Quality vehicles must also perform well on the road. The Toyota Avalon represents a full-sized vehicle that leaves people pleasantly surprised at the stacked performance features.

Don't overlook aerodynamics when wondering how well a car handles on the road. Anything reducing wind resistance supports a smoother drive. Curtailing wind resistance also improves fuel efficiency. Less drag on the sedan means less of a need to burn fuel. Exceptional aerodynamics mean a quieter vehicle, too.

No matter what road you travel down, you likely want stability. An adaptive variable suspension helps this cause. The AVS on the Avalon performs automatic clamping adjustments to enhance stability and handling. Best of all, the AVS feature works on any kind of road.

Over at Lithia Toyota of Redding, we feel you'll appreciate what the Toyota Avalon offers. A test drive reveals all the great features - inside and out - that the Avalon presents.



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