Keep Your Radiator Running With Routine Maintenance

Your engine works harder than any other system on your vehicle. As such, it reaches some blisteringly hot temperatures when it is running. As a result of this, all vehicles will have a cooling system built right in to keep the engine from overheating and causing lasting damage.

Over time, the coolant in your radiator will get dirty and be much less effective. When that happens, you will want to do a coolant flush to get it back in good shape. First drain the system of all the old fluid and dispose of it. Then power flush the system with water using a hose. This will loosen and remove any old remaining sludge, grime, and debris that may be left behind after the initial drain. Finally, refill the system with new, clean coolant.

If your car, truck, or SUV is ready for a radiator maintenance or repair, then bring it to the service department here at Lithia Toyota of Redding today.

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