Toyota C-HR's Exterior Features: Bold and Ready for Adventure

Are you looking for an intelligently designed SUV with innovative safety features? The Toyota C-HR is a popular subcompact SUV. This vehicle has a unique exterior style with creative cuts that make it sparkle like a diamond, a truly unique exterior that will not go unnoticed.

This vehicle has top-of-the-line safety features. It comes equipped with standard Toyota Safety Sense smart technology. It has an advanced cruise control system with an intelligent camera that detects the speed and distance of the surrounding vehicles. The system will adjust your vehicles speed as needed.

The pre-collision system scans the road ahead and identifies objects and warns you with an audio/visual alert. The automatic brake system helps prevent possible collisions. Standard automatic high beam lights help increase visibility and detect other vehicle headlights up to 2000 feet away. Come in and take the Toyota C-HR for a test drive today at our dealership.



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