Why Does the Toyota 4Runner Come Equipped with Vehicle Stability Control?

During the latter part of the 20th Century studies showed that nearly one-third of all accidents were initiated by driver understeer or oversteer. In either case, the insurance industry recognized the opportunity to correct the figures curing vehicle construction. Political and human advocate groups began asking why systems were not in place to adjust for driver error and thus correct the issue.

New technologies brought new possibilities in the safety aspects of automobiles. The Vehicle Stabilization System (VSS) monitors the intended direction of the driver. When slippage of tires occurs, the VSS applies brakes to individual tires for brief moments. The pressure is applied and released up to 100 times a second to the slipping wheel until the situation is resolved.

At Lithia Toyota of Redding, our technicians check your onboard computer for instances when the VSS activate during each service. Find your next Toyota SUV at our dealership!



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